Yas TV is a channel dedicated to Arab sports. It is owned by Abu Dhabi Media, the official media company of the United Arab Emirates. In 2015 it replaced the previous channel Abu Dhabi Sports Extra.

Yas TV offers viewers a rich program covering exactly those sports that are most popular in the country. Among them are horseback riding, falconry, sailing and camel racing. Yas TV provides full coverage of major and local equestrian competitions in the UAE and the Gulf countries. One of the most important championships related to horses are horse races. They take place in natural conditions and test the endurance of the animal, as well as the ability of the rider to correctly distribute the forces of his four-legged partner at a certain distance.

The TV channel also pays attention to other types of equestrian competitions: classic races, show jumping, dressage. Yas TV programs tell about the favorites of the next competitions, about people who are directly related to this sport. The channel is making a lot of efforts to revive the love of falconry, the traditions of which have developed in the region for a very long time and today are considered a national heritage. Viewers of Yas TV can also enjoy spectacular thoroughbred camel races taking place in the UAE or abroad.
Camel racing is another truly Arabian sport that attracts attention with its exoticism. On the channel you can not only see the competitions themselves, but also learn a lot of interesting things about the traditions of camel breeding. Some of Yas TV's programs focus on sailing racing locally and internationally. The TV channel introduces its audience to the latest news related to sea sports. Journalists go to where the competitions take place and get reliable first-hand information so that the audience does not miss anything important. 


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Horseback Riding. Kinds.

A man tamed a horse about 65 thousand years ago, and since then it has faithfully served man. The first of the truly known competitions involving horses took place in 680 BC. These were chariot races held as part of the Olympic Games. And although today jumps (races) do not fall under the concept of equestrian sport, but are qualified as tests of horses for speed and endurance, but it was these competitions that served as an impetus for the development of equestrian sport.

Types of equestrian sports

In the modern sense, equestrian sports are sports games using horses. The International Federation of Equestrian Sports (FR. Fédération Equestre Internationale, FEI) officially divides equestrian sports into the following types:

1. Dressage - competitions of athletes in the art of controlling a horse at various gaits. Allure comes from the French word allure - "gait". Allures are natural and artificial. There are the following types of gait: walk, trot, gallop and amble. This type of equestrian sport has been included in the program of the Olympic Games since 1912, and in the program of the World Championship since 1966.

2. Jumping (from the French word concours - "competition") - overcoming obstacles on a certain route. The length of the route is 200-1100 m, the number of obstacles is from 8 to 16. Equestrian sport of this type originated in the middle of the 19th century in Belgium. Depending on the number of obstacles and their height, show jumping is divided into easy, medium, difficult and higher. In Russia, the first show jumping competitions were held in 1889. It was included in the program of the Olympic Games in 1900.

3. Triathlon (military) is the most difficult type of equestrian sport. It includes dressage riding, field trials (cross) and overcoming obstacles. This equestrian sport has been included in the program of the Olympic Games since 1912. Triathlon is held over one to three days. The program of the riding competition includes simple (natural) exercises for the horse. Field tests are carried out on four segments of the distance. The sections called A and C are natural roads and paths. The section called B is a specially equipped section with obstacles. Section D is the section on which the cross is held. On all sections of the route, the athlete must adhere to the established task (gait, route, pace, etc.) of movement. Overcoming obstacles (show jumping) is the most difficult type of triathlon. All types of competitions are carried out on the same horse. The results are evaluated in points. In some cases, competitions can be held according to an abbreviated program (biathlon).

4. Reining is one of the most spectacular equestrian disciplines. They are characterized by the use of hard stops, quick turns, control of the horse mainly by legs, body and reins, held by the athlete with only one hand. This manner of driving a horse is well known from American Western films. Competitions are held according to one of 10 approved schemes. Equestrian sport of this type is already included in the programs of the World Equestrian Games and work is underway to include it in the program of the Olympic Games.

5. Driving is a competition of horse teams (both horses and ponies).

There are 4 classes of harnesses:
Single teams - 1 horse.
Pair teams - 2 horses harnessed in parallel one next to the other.
Tandem - 2 horses harnessed one after the other.
Chetverik - 4 horses harnessed in pairs one after the other.
Teams are controlled by 2 people (the driver and his assistant are called the groom).
Driving is not yet an Olympic equestrian sport.

6. The run is the most gentle equestrian sport in terms of maintaining the health of the horse: each horse undergoes strict veterinary control before the start, at least once during the course and after the finish. If there is the slightest suspicion, the horse is removed from the competition. The run is carried out on unprepared terrain. Horses of all breeds are allowed to compete. Distances for which runs are arranged are 20, 30, 50, 60, 100 and more kilometers. Runs are high-speed, daily, multi-day, as well as from point to point.

7. Voltiger (Voltiger, which means "flutter" in French). This type of equestrian sport consists in the fact that the rider (or several riders) must perform a certain program of gymnastic and acrobatic exercises on a horse moving in a closed circle at a pace or gallop.

Unofficial equestrian sports

In addition, the concept of equestrian sport unofficially includes the following types of equestrian show competitions: ladies' riding, horse riding, horse polo, baiga.

1. Ladies' riding - women's equestrian competitions using a ladies' saddle.
2. Dzhigitovka (from the Turkic dzhigit - a skillful and courageous rider) - performing special exercises on a galloping horse (pushing, jumping, standing, spinning, lifting various objects from the ground, etc.). This type of equestrian competition is considered national among the peoples of Kav 

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